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The Omni by Elevated Mechanics™ is a premier smoking accessory with 8 components which combine to offer a streamlined, low-maintenance smoking experience.


This compact and convenient tool is outfitted with an anti-clump grinder that delivers a consistent, hassle-free grind. Its unique design functions with a lever action, allowing you to pack the grinder to the brim so you can fill any size pipe without multiple uses. The addition of a removable scraper assists with removing resin from your pipe after each use, collecting pollen from the grinder housing, or measuring out concentrate. The removable poker clears residue from your pipe’s draught hole with ease, while the removable press works to pack each chamber perfectly and without getting your finger/lighter dirty.


The integrated Ez-pinch storage compartment is large enough to hold a generous amount of product for on-the-go, and the retractable hemp-wick spool holds over a foot of wick inside the Omni’s housing so you can burn without butane. The addition of the emergency-use screen compartment is ideal for when you discover that fancy pipe you bought allows Scooby snacks through, and finally a built-in mini lighter slot (lighter not included) ensures your lighter stays inside your Omni and not in your friend’s pocket (you know who you are).


Easy to clean, and designed to last, you'll be amazed how you ever got along without it.

Blood Orange Omni


    Length: 3.81 inches

    Height: 1.19 inches

    Width: 1.03 inches on slim end to 1.38 inches on thick end

    Weight: 5.1 ounces

    Overall: badass


    Meticulously designed and assembled in Lakewood, Colorado USA. Ethically and individually machined in China.