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TōkBud™ Starter Kit


The TōkBud™ Starter Kit comes packed with a TōkBud™ and everything you need to keep it clean and happy 🙂

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The TōkBud™ Starter Kit comes with everything you need to keep your TōkBud™ happy.

TōkBud™ Start Kit Includes:

1 x TōkBud™ (White Fire or Black Fire)

10 x Alcohol Wipes

20 feet of Hemp Wick

20 x Mesh Screens

20 x Cotton Swabs


TōkBud™ Key Features:

  • Create a consistent, hassle-free grind with the TōkBud™ shark-tooth metal grinder. Lever action grinding allows you to pack the grinder to the brim so you can fill nearly any size pipe.
  • Remove resin from your pipe after each use, collect pollen from the grinder housing, or use concentrate with the removable steel scraper.
  • Clear stuck residue from your pipe with ease with the removable steel poker.
  • Pack each chamber perfectly and without getting your fingers/lighter dirty with the removable steel press.
  • Store a generous amount of product on-the-go with the ez-pinch storage tray.
  • Burn without butane with the retractable hemp-wick spool.
  • Stop those pesky Scooby Snacks with emergency mesh screen storage.
  • Keep your lighter safe with a built-in Mini BIC® lighter holster* .

Easy to clean, and designed to last, you’ll be amazed how you ever got along without it.

*lighter not included


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